Avoiding the Walking Dead of Stretching Programs

Posted by Fit For Work on Apr 24, 2017 1:40:06 PM


In some of our previous posts, we talked about the lack of evidence that stretching programs alone produce desired results. (NOTE: If you are only seeing a reduction of 5-10%, we would caution against attributing those results to a cause and effect situation unless it’s across a very large sample size).

Over the years we have witnessed many stretching programs performed by a group of unenthused, zombie-like employees performing a series of static stretches, led by an even less-enthused team leader counting in a monotone, Ben Stein-esque voice. Immediately following the 3-minute sleepwalk through these stationary stretches, the workforce bursts into action and begins work, often moving at a blinding pace far beyond the pace of the stretching program.

It is for that reason that we recommend incorporating more active stretches and overall body movement. The intent is to perform more active stretches and more accurately mimic real life movements. Additionally, instituting overall body movements will increase core body temperature and provide a better warm-up than any specific static stretch.

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