eBook: Advantages of a Safety Work Order Incentive Program

Posted by Fit For Work on May 13, 2019 12:22:54 PM

Employee satisfaction and retention are hot button issues in today's professional climate - how do you keep good employees and make sure they're happy at work? It's tough, and unlike profits & sales, you can't measure it with a simple metric. However, a proven method of increasing both of these statistics is incentive programs. Essentially, these programs provide rewards to employees who go above and beyond in achieving goals or standards set by the company. 

Incentive programs can cover a wide array of objectives, but perhaps the most beneficial to a company as a whole (and certainly to us here at Fit For Work) are programs that incentivize employees to better their safety practices. As the old saying goes, "Safety doesn't happen by accident." By having employees that are incentivized and motivated towards implementing more stringent safety standards in their workplace habits, your company is bound to benefit. 

Download our latest eBook, Advantages of a Safety Work Order Incentive Program, to learn more about how our simple, affordable, and connected subscription-based ergonomic solutions can help your organization. CTA_SafetyRecognitionProgram

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