eBook: The Job Safety Analysis: A Responsibility with Hidden Benefits

Posted by Fit For Work on Nov 2, 2018 3:49:40 PM

Compliance with OSHA rules about workplace safety requires employers to know exactly what potential hazards their hourly workers may be exposed to—at every stage of every task they perform. OSHA requires employers to identify hazards, prevent them if they can, and control them if they can't.

In more ways than expected, prevention holds the key to providing a safe and reliable workplace for employees occupying areas where the risks of potential hazards are heightened. Job Safety Analyses (JSAs) are systematic procedures aimed at minimizing accidents and injuries occurring onsite. By deconstructing every task and analyzing each sub-task with intense scrutiny, JSAs can save your organization from avoidable mishaps and unfortunate fines.

Download the eBook to learn how a Job Safety Analysis goes beyond routine assessments and can reduce your rate of onsite accidents. 


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