eBook: Pain at Work: Why the Best Safety Professionals Address Pain Perceptions to Lower Injury Rates

Posted by Fit For Work on Dec 4, 2018 4:33:17 PM

New developments in neuroscience and the biology of pain are showing us that tissues inform the brain of threat, not pain. World renowned pain researcher and educator Dr. Adriaan Louw puts it this way: “Pain is 100% produced by the brain based on the perception of threat. What a worker thinks and believes contributes to their pain experience considerably. Altering what a patient thinks or believes can alter the patient’s pain experience”.

In other words, if the worker sees the pain as a big threat, they will have pain.

So what can be done? Tactics such as keeping a close eye on the language around pain and partnering with an onsite early intervention provider are great steps towards understanding the delicate balance between pain and perception. 

Download the eBook for expert insights on issues involving pain perception and how your organization can begin lowering injury rates today! 


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