eBook: The Impact of Training and Safety Programs on Employee Retention

Posted by Fit For Work on Jan 3, 2019 4:38:46 PM

Employee retention—making sure you hold on to good employees—is one of the most significant but most easily overlooked ways to make, and keep, your organization profitable. When the replacement cost of a blue collar employee is an average of 20% of their annual compensation, it makes sense to look for ways to improve your retention rates.

In recent years, the concept of focusing on the employee’s “hiring experience” has become more popular. This means paying attention to many of the small details which may leave a big impression on recruits. But to truly be valuable to the employee and have some lasting substance to it, they need more than a bottle of water and a pleasant interview. So what would stand out to them as being different about your company? What would make a difference to the employees who use their bodies to make it happen, day in, day out?

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