Questions to Consider Before Employers Make the VPP Commitment

Posted by Fit For Work on May 29, 2019 11:20:00 AM

FFW - May Image #3Before making the commitment to a VPP or SHARP plan, decision makers within a plant operation need to consider the following questions:

● Are the decision makers aware of the OSHA VPP and its significance?

● Do supervisors support and engage in safety activities in the plant?

● Is there a visible safety presence in the plant?

● Do senior management staff have a presence on the floor and are they approachable with safety concerns?


Employers should also reach out to their employees in-person or conduct an anonymous short survey with the following probing questions, to get a grasp of the levels of employee safety participation and understanding:


● Do you feel comfortable reporting a safety concern?

● If there is a safety concern, is immediate action taken to address the situation?

● Can you give a personal example of when this was done?

● If a safety concern is expressed, are there any fears of recrimination or retribution taking place?

● Are you aware of the safety committee and can you tell me of some of the activities the safety committee participates in?


Topics: Injury Prevention, Injury Reporting, OSHA

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