Infographic: How Will OSHA's Updates Change Safety Reporting?

Posted August 24, 2016 in OSHA , Infographic
New federal requirements helping prevent workplace injuries and illnesses were released on August 10, 2016.  Download our printable infographic chart to find out what this means for you. 
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Infographic: Back Pain Strains Employers' Gains

Posted July 20, 2016 in Injury Prevention , Back Pain , Infographic
Back pain is so prevalent in U.S. workforces that it might as well become a budget item. According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM), back pain is second only to headaches in terms of frequency, and the costs from lost productivity...
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Infographic: The Price of Pain - Opioid Abuse Costs Employers More Than You Think

Posted June 23, 2016 in Opioid Abuse , Infographic
Opioid abuse is a growing epidemic in the workplace. Many people may think that prescription opioids are safe, since they’re part of a physician-approved treatment plan. But the price of addiction is detrimental to employers. 
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