Disrupting the Status Quo of Risk Management at RIMS 2017

Attendees of this past April’s 2017 RIMS Annual Conference and Expo in Philadelphia were greeted with the motto, “Disrupt the Status Quo!” The three-day workshop was designed for risk managers seeking to understand the value that a successful...
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What You Need to Know About Stretching Programs

Posted April 17, 2017 in Injury Prevention , stretching
We get asked a lot about whether or not stretching programs work. To best answer this, we must dig into two key areas of knowledge: peer reviewed research and our in-the-field experience in injury prevention.
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Do Stretching Programs Work?

Posted April 12, 2017 in Injury Prevention
Establishing a dynamic stretching program as part of a multifactor approach to ergonomics and health programs helps prevent and decrease injuries and accidents in the workplace, conserves resources, and increases the bottom line. Download the...
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Tips to Minimize Slips, Trips, and Falls

Posted November 29, 2016 in Injury Prevention , Slips and Falls
Slips, trips, and falls in the workplace can be detrimental to your business—and have a major impact on your bottom line. Facility maintenance prevention programs may take ownership over them, but their occurrence can also be directly related to...
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How to Communicate with Employees About Hazards

Posted November 03, 2016 in Injury Prevention , Workplace Hazards
At some organizations, telling a group of employees that you’re about to talk about safety is like announcing the rest of the meeting will be in Swahili. You’d get that same reaction of people settling back into chairs, ready to stare off into...
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Why Safety Is an Everyday Event

Posted October 07, 2016 in Injury Prevention
Every year, thousands attend the National Safety Council Congress & Expo, held this year in Anaheim, Calif. in mid-October. Like other conferences, it’s an opportunity for attendees to learn from one another as well as knowledgeable speakers....
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Why MRIs Shouldn't Be a First Treatment Option

Posted October 05, 2016 in Injury Prevention , MRIs
By now, getting an MRI scan almost feels like a default option whenever an employee has pain or soreness. After all, isn’t it helpful to have that high-level diagnostic scan to know what’s really going on in the body? Unfortunately, that’s not...
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How Ergonomics Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Workforce

Posted September 12, 2016 in Injury Prevention , Ergonomics
As a term, “ergonomics” is about studying human abilities, and applying it to improve people’s interaction, well-being and efficiency with products, systems and environments. But as a concept, it covers much more than that.
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4 Ways Poor Ergonomics Leads to Decreased Productivity

Posted September 06, 2016 in Injury Prevention , Ergonomics
When many people consider ergonomics, they tend to think about immediate effects on an individual. For example, a warehouse employee lifting a heavy box might twist incorrectly, creating a sudden injury. 
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Injury Prevention & OSHA Reporting Rules

Posted August 09, 2016 in Injury Prevention , OSHA
Recently, OSHA noted that electronic reporting will be mandatory for many companies next year, and that employers will be expected to file regular reports instead of providing information upon request.
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