Employers: How to Appropriately Implement Ergonomic Risk Assessments to Expand Your Hiring Pool

Employers throughout the country are ceaselessly seeking the highest quality talent. But sometimes, due to certain essential job functions and the physical demands associated with such, finding a qualitative pool of candidates that can meet them...
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Physical Demands Analysis: Essential for Improving Work Culture

If you are an employer that is wanting to increase your hiring pool to fulfill the high physical demands of a job position with employees that better align with your workplace culture, our experts at Fit For Work suggest the implementation of a...
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Infographic: Working with an Ergonomic Partner

Posted April 22, 2019 in Ergonomics , Infographic , Safety , Physical Demands Analysis
Employers who care about their employees are bound to care about ergonomics. Industrial employers whose workers face intense physical challenges are beginning to understand that ergonomic principles are vital in keeping their workforce free of...
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The Relationship Between the Physical Demands Analysis and Ergonomics

Posted March 22, 2017 in Ergonomics , Physical Demands Analysis
One of the frequently asked questions received involves the relationship between the Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) and ergonomics. Some organizations believe that the PDAs will benefit their organization, while others believe an ergonomics...
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Infographic: The Importance of Hiring Capable Workers

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions about the Physical Demands Analysis

Posted March 13, 2017 in Physical Demands Analysis
The Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) is a process that objectively quantifies the essential physical demands of a job. Data derived from this process results in a versatile, legally-defensible document, which has multiple, practical applications.
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Physical Demands Analysis & Post-Offer Testing

Physical Demands Analyses and job specific post-offer testing play a crucial role in reducing or eliminating injury risks in the workplace. Download our eBook to learn the relationship between the Physical Demands Analysis and ergonomics, the...
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