Which Jobs to Prioritize in a Job Safety Analysis

Posted by Fit For Work on Nov 26, 2018 4:29:30 PM

Two men intensely scrutinizing the list of import tasks within a situated Job Safety Analysis

Here are 6 recommendations to consider when identifying job/tasks for review via a JSA or JHA.

  •  Hourly positions versus salaried positions: While not required, as a general rule, we recommend focusing on all “hourly” versus “salaried” positions first. Hourly positions usually will require many more tasks where unsafe acts & unsafe conditions are experienced by employees.
  • Accident frequency and severity: Review your OSHA logs and workers compensation reports for the last 1-3 years. Jobs where accidents occur frequently or where they occur infrequently but have resulted in severe or disabling injuries. 
  • Potential for severe injuries or illnesses: Pay particular attention to jobs where the consequences of an accident, hazardous condition, or exposure to harmful substance are potentially severe. If it’s recognized as a foreseeable hazard by OSHA and your particular industry, address it sooner rather 
    than later. 
  • Newly established jobs: Due to lack of experience in new jobs, hazards may not be evident or anticipated by employees or management.
  • Modified jobs: New hazards may be associated with changes in job procedures. 
  • Infrequently performed jobs: Workers may be at greater risk when undertaking
    non-routine jobs. 




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