Webinar Overview


Host: Dr. James Rethaber

This free webinar will discuss:pyramid_pda_v2.jpg
  • The components of a Physical Demands Analysis and a job-specific, post-offer test.

  • How the process is conducted, and real-world case studies/scenarios demonstrating the application/effectiveness of this process. For example, documented injury reduction of 80% and a return of $20+ dollars for every $1 spent on job-specific, post-offer testing.


Many experts have stated that 75-80% of work-related performance problems are a result of the work environment; i.e. tools, equipment, workstations, work processes, etc. A comprehensive ergonomics program can effectively mitigate risk factors associated with the human-work environment interaction, but what about the other 20-25% of work-related problems not attributed to the work environment? These performance problems are a result of the individual. What measures can be taken to determine if the person you are considering hiring is physically capable of performing the essential functions of the job before they begin the job? Objective, quantifiable Physical Demands Analyses and corresponding job-specific, post-offer tests that are ADA/EEOC compliant are the answers.

James-Bio-Image_footer.jpgDr. James Rethaber, Ph.D., CPE is currently the Director of Ergonomics at Fit For Work. Dr. Rethaber has completed over 5,000 physical demands analyses/ergonomic risk assessments and is responsible for developing engineering and non-engineering initiatives that reduce injury while also improving productivity (lean ergonomics). He has worked in the fields of orthopedic sports medicine, biomechanics, and ergonomics for over 15 years, and is a published researcher and a national speaker on ergonomics and injury prevention.